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Sustainability: Challenge yourself for our future!


Sustainability: Challenge yourself for our future!



*Climate change, plastic, waste, ... these keywords are topics that concern many of us these days. In this playlist, we want to take a closer look to these topics summarised by "sustainability". Check out all four activities to get more information, challenge yourself and discuss about it with others! *
This way you can participate in the playlist and the individual activities:_ _
  • Log in (or create a free account if you are using the platform for the first time).
  • Click on "participate" in the playlist. The playlist is now saved in your account and you can view your progress.
  • Look at the individual activities in the playlist. Click on participate to start the activity. Read through the activity and engage with the tasks and learning experiences. You will find all the websites and documents mentioned under 'materials' in the activity.
  • For each activity you complete, you will receive a digital badge: upload a proof, e.g. a photo or a screenshot, or write your answer to a question in the text field.

Activities to complete

Complete the following activities, earn badges and you will see your playlist progress updated
Sustainibility: Learn more
30 minutes
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Activities: 4
Started: 80
Completed playlist: 2
Time to complete: 7 days 2 hours


Challenge accepted - Europe
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