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Challenge accepted - Europe: About the project


Challenge accepted - Europe: About the project



Welcome to the "Challenge accepted - Europe" platform!

Here you can find micro-challenges to youth relevant topics. Discover the different playlists and challenge yourself, have fun!

This way you can participate in the playlist and the individual activities and challenges:

  • Log in (or create a free account if you are using the platform for the first time).
  • Click on "participate" in the playlist. The playlist is now saved in your account and you can view your progress.
  • Look at the individual activities in the playlist. Click on participate to start the activity. Read through the activity and engage with the tasks and learning experiences. You will find all the websites and documents mentioned under 'materials' in the activity.
  • For each activity you complete, you will receive a digital badge: upload a proof, e.g. a photo or a screenshot, or write your answer to a question in the text field.

In this playlists are all events gathered that happened or will happen during the project! Check out all the activities to see where you can engage online and locally! Open this padlet for an overview.

In case you're wondering how this project started, you can now read further about the development of the project idea and how it was implemented:

Project background
The JUGENDBUDGET is a funding based competition organised by the federal government of Germany to invest into ideas of young people with the background of the german youth-strategy and under the topic “in common responsibility: Politics for, with and by young people”. In order to create ideas by young people, around 500 young people from Germany took part in an online hackathon in spring 2021 and designed several project ideas for the
ten thematic pillars of the competition. Afterwards the project ideas were framed by a youth jury and published online for a common voting, which took place in May 2021. One project for each of the 10 thematic pillars was chosen to be the winner. The project “Challenge accepted - Europe" was the winner in the category “Europe and the world”.

The project idea aims to develop a platform for young people, which gives young people across Europe the opportunity, to learn about and exchange their ideas to topics and problems and questions and in society, which are relevant for young people nowadays and in the future. Hereby the project idea aims at the following milestones:
● To connect this project to existing networks with partners of european youth work
● To develop a platform, on which so called Micro-Challenges to youth relevant modern day topics can be developed together with young people
● Support of young young people in developing and creating topics and problem focus for micro-challenges on the platform
● Physical events for young people to exchange ideas concerning those topics and by running micro-challenges in workshops

As this project idea was created by young people of this hackathon and chosen as the winner of this category, the project was entitled to receive the funding. Finally IJAB was chosen to implement the idea with the young people, who had this idea, even though IJAB was not involved in the Hackathon or the idea as such. After a first evaluation and exchange with practitioners from the field, it was obvious that the idea, especially the part of creating
an own platform, is too big for the existing funding and would require huge efforts. Therefore the idea to connect this project to existing platforms and networks was born. In this time IJAB learned more about the Erasmus+ KA3 project CITIES OF LEARNING. YOUTH CO-DESIGN LEARNING, CIVIC AND CAREER PATHWAYS, its Cities and Regions of Learning (CRoL) platforms and it´s networks. After a first call we identified that the micro-challenges (as they were initiated by the young people) are really similar to the playlists, which we are running on our CRoL platforms. Knowing that the technology is already there made by us, that many partners from our partnership work with those topics and young people and are known to IJAB already and also with focus on the aims of our KA3 project (especially creation of playlists, coming up with political recommendations, youth involvement), we figured out that it would be a win-win solution for everybody if we would attach this project to our KA3 project and work, which we are
currently doing. In this way, we could reach out and show our work (around CRoL) to German national level and its entities as well as visibility in the international youth work-field, create more valuable content for our platforms, involve more young people in creating playlists, get more attention for our political recommendation and finally also secure some co-funding for our project.

October 2021 - December 2021
IJAB run together with GOEUROPE!/ EJBM (online-) workshops with young people from Germany and across Europe to explore ideas and youth-relevant topics for the platform. As a result, seven playlists to the chosen topics and youth relevant questions are being created.
The chosen topics are feminism, migration, mental health, digitalisation, sustainability, youth unemployment and participation.

Each playlist involves four steps:

1. Learn more about the topic (with added material)
2. Challenge yourself (first challenge to the topic)
3. Challenge others (second challenge to the topic)
4. Discuss (online too for discussion with other young people)
(5. Online Meeting to the topic)

January 2022 - September 2022

In the beginning of 2022, the platform for the project ( is launched with an Instagram Live Event.
The project will be connected to the CRoL network, its partners and other European networks. The international partners (of the CRoL network) will run local activities with young people in their Cities and Regions of Learning, where they are using the created playlists together with young people to focus on the given topics. This also includes giving young people a chance to “play” the playlists and come up with ideas, thoughts, and solutions for the youth-relevant topics in the future in Europe. All the ideas and exchanges from the playlists will be presented at the final youth-forum in Germany of the KA3 project and can, under the frame of learning, civic and career pathways to the future, be discussed by the young people and find their way into our policy recommendations.
At the same time, monthly online meetings are organised with the young people to discuss the topics of the playlists.

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In the kick-off event "Shaping Europe for young people. Let's create challenges to explore your ideas", IJAB and EJBM/GOEUROPE! want to discuss together with a group of young people current and future challenges that are important for them as young citizens of Europe.
Within the framework of the Youth Budget 2021 (which is a competition for young people to receive funding from The Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth for developing a project) the project idea to develop a platform that enables young people in Europe to exchange ideas on current topics and problems and to develop challenges on topics relevant to young people was born.

This idea will be continued and the project and the challenges will be designed together with young people.
In the digital workshop on 06.11.2021, young people from Europe talk together about topics and challenges that are important for their generation. The goal is to find content and topics for challenges that young people can complete together.

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Shaping Europe for young people. Let's create challenges to explore your ideas! Behaal deze badge

In the kick-off event "Shaping Europe for young people. Let's create challenges to explore your ideas", IJAB and EJBM/GOEUROPE! discussed together with a group of young people current and future challenges that are important for them as young citizens of Europe.
The owner of this badge tok part in this international workshop on 06.11.2021, where young people from all over Europe talked together about topics and challenges that are important for their generation. The goal was to find content for challenges that young people can complete together across europe.
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Challenge accepted - Europe
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